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Software Engineer

We are a technologically advanced company, which designsmanufactures single board computers based on both ARMX86 with Linux operating systems.
Our Team is trusted to establish the toolingarchitectural standards for all aspects of operating system platforms at Novasom Industries focusing on LinuxAndroid portings.
We focus on deep troubleshooting of complex performance issues across all applicationsystem stacks.
We benchmarkcertify production readiness of new OS releasespatches, providing engineering leadership for systems administrationapplication SRE teams.

What s in it for you:
you ll work with modern, opensource tooling while maintaining missioncritical systems hosting a wide array of applications for the Novasom Industries products. We ll depend on you to advise on design, architecture,utilization of our boards, with particular focus on LinuxAndroid.

You’ll need to have:
Deep understanding of the Linux kernel including the virtual memory, VFS, IPC, network,process scheduling subsystems
Understanding of interrupt handling, IRQIRQ affinity, processor sets/cgroups
Demonstrated experience with performance tuning including tradeoffs between low latencythroughput, hardwareboot tuning, with understanding of hardware schematicscritical views of Novasom Industries designs
Ability torobust testingcertification processes to comprehensively evaluate impact of hardware changes, tunables,system software updates to the Novasom Industries products
Proficiency in readingdebugging C source code to troubleshoot kernelspace issueslow level Android configurations

We’d love to see:
Experience in understanding hardwarefirmware relationships    
Experience programming in C, C, Java
Familiarity with versioning management tools such as SVN, Gitothers

Economic proposal commensurate with experience.
Work Office: Limbiate MB
To apply, send a cv to with the subject "ref: 04_2018"
Offerta pubblicata il 21/08/2018
Requisiti richiesti Requisiti Richiesti
Diploma di Perito per l'elettronica e le telecomunicazioni Laurea in Ingegneria Informatica
Settore e Attività Settore e Attività
Requisiti richiesti Contratto di Lavoro Offerto
Contratto di lavoro a tempo indeterminato
Sede dell'Azienda Sede di Lavoro
Novasis ingegneria s.r.l.
Via Orbassano 2/A

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